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For the collection, Dafne focused on the use of sacred geometry to generate moods of vibrancy and diversity. The designs are an opposition of textile - natural textiles like cotton, silk and leather commingling effortlessly with man-made textiles such as lycra and polyester. Dafne explained, "textiles represent my thoughts, which at times are also at opposites”.

Color is also an intricate part of this collection. Dafne dreams in colors and believes that they play a huge part in shifting energy and changing moods in women. What a woman wears strongly affects how a woman feels and this collection was designed to awaken the desire to really live and get past the roadblocks that sometimes appear in life.

The focus of this collection is to empower, motivate and inspire women to be the best that they can be. The designs are for active women that aspire to enjoy their lives to the fullest!