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About Dafne Heinzmann LLC

At Dafne Heinzmann, we don’t just sell clothes, we create ready-to-wear art. Not driven by trends, we seek the unique. Our clothes are sophisticated and timeless pieces. The brand is undoubtedly feminine, designed for women’s bodies, with soft form-fitting silhouettes

Our company was founded in 2022 by Dafne Heinzmann, a serial entrepreneur and international businesswoman with a passion for design. 

At a young age, Dafne began making clothes for her Barbies and later designed and made clothes for herself and her friends. Dafne worked in the media industry for many years and later co-founded and ran an international investigative and security company. But her passion for design never waned.

Our designs take inspiration from nature and architecture. These organic forms are re imagined in ‘hyper-vivid’ surreal colors and opulent materials, such as silk, leathers and feathers. Strong prints and bold colors are punctuated with metallic materials and embellishments. Refined and elegant. Inspired by Latin American artisan craft, garments feature unique “one-of-a-kind” embroidery and details, paying homage to the designer’s heritage. Never
seemingly mass-produced, the brand creates iconic statement pieces that represent the wearer’s individuality and spirit.

Dafne Heinzmann is committed to social responsibility and sustainability practices. We are conscientious, we strive to reduce our impact on the planet and meet ethical production.